Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wait Til I Get My Money Right ...

If Kanye could fold t-shirts at the gap, surely I can endure one more day of saying "Do you want to try that on?". I am not comparing myself to Kanye. Creative and widly imaginative, yes. Egotistical prick and perpetual toddler, no. "Why won't you let that man be great" is what he would say as he read this on his macbook air (insert eye-roll). I digress. Apologies. 

As a buyer at a resale shop (which shall remain nameless), I have the pleasure of combing through piles of clothes on a daily basis. Based upon condition, style and cuts/washes, I make the determination to buy in said items. Of course I can't buy it all. Sometimes its crap. Lets be honest, folks. This is a business. I also have to complete your standard customer service tasks like engaging customers, opening up dressing rooms and straightening at the end of the night. 

Yes, I have encountered less than savory individuals in my line of work. Argumentative customers that want to haggle over last seasons wares. "Oh really, sir. You want to sell that Coogi sweatshirt?" .. "Ma'am, I'm sorry but Azure jeans aren't a big seller for us .. Do you have anything from 2009 perhaps". I deal with shoplifters, tag-switchers, and random dirty girls.  I've been called various expletives (let me tell you, nothing gets your day started until you're called a "dickhead").

What if every morning, I thought about everything mentioned above? It would be impossible to come to work with a smile. How do I circumvent the negativity. Easy. I do work that pleases me when I can. That means taking initiative to do projects. Joking around with customers. Smiling and waving at babies that come in the store. Listening to co-workers tell me what happened last night (read: comprehending what comes out of their mouths rather than nod unconvincingly). 

If you do not find any joy in what you do, it will eat you alive. This job is a stepping stone. In my time here I have the responsibility to take away lessons I have learned. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in where we want to be, that we aren't willing to endure journey there. 

Now that I'm off of my soapbox/philosophical high-horse, I can keep it "one hundred" (pronounced "one hunnid" by "the kids these days" .. and by "the kids these days", i mean my lovely boyfriend). It is not easy. Plenty of people are doing whatever they have to in this recession. Like me, they know this won't last always. 


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